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Environmental Clerk of Works

ADK Environmental Management Ltd offers provision of a Environmental Clerk of Works to clients before, during and after their projects.

This role is undertaken by the Lead Environmental Advisor. As a qualified Environmental Manager and Ecologist, they will use the latest best practice techniques but more importantly listen to the client and use common sense and practical solutions to any issues.

This role is particularly important to companies whose works may affect a protected species, like great crested newts, breeding birds, badgers and watervoles to name but a few, or potentially cause an environmental risk or incident to land, water or air, incurring fines up to 20,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment for many environmental and ecological incidents or breaches in licences or consents.

The Environmental Clerk of Works' role is to check, oversee and advise both the client and ADK staff on firstly, the pre-construction surveys and assessments regarding protected species, and then overall environmental compliance throughout the lifetime of the project.

Whilst the project is underway, daily or weekly Environmental Site Inspections are carried out to sign off various aspects of pre-development and on-going groundworks and relayed back to the clients to try to improve on their quality control systems.

Environmental Site Inspections

A comprehensive checklist (see Environmental Control Plan) is scored by the Lead Environmental Advisor or Environmental Clerk of Works following their site visits and can be used by the company to view it's performance in relation to protecting the environment or to complement it's own management system. It can also be used for audit and mitigation purposes, to be made available to statutory consultees like the Environment Agency, Natural England or Local Authorities and other stakeholders to confirm the company is adhering to any stipulations, consents or licences as agreed.

It also serves to form baseline documentation ready for the client in respect of seeking ISO accreditation for 14001 (Environmental Management System) should the client not have this in place already, but is considering seeking accreditation.

The Environmental Site Inspections carried out by the Lead Environmental Advisor or Environmental Clerk of Works is charged at a half day or day rate in line with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM), both of which the Lead Environmental Advisor and Environmental Clerk of Works are members of.

At the end of a project, all this accumulated data and information, can, be used positively by ADK for the benefits of the client by producing case study literature and material such as press releases, scientific papers for seminars and journals, and information to go on the companies website. This will enhance the company profile adding good PR value and kudos as well as enhancing it's profile (both as a service provider and a UK businesses) as well as increasing the relationship with the public and other stakeholders.

The case study information can also be used by the company to seek certain environmental and management awards, by showing it goes that extra mile and did not incur any fines on the project. This shows their competitors and potential clients how seriously it takes it's commitment to the environment and can potentially secure a contract by demonstrating the benefits of having such a system in place.

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