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Environmental Control Plans [ECP's]

ADK Environmental Management Limited have a number of years experience in formulating and drawing up comprehensive individually tailored ECP's for construction companies and developers.

An ECP for a company covers all of that company's working aspects for works in-situ. It can be used by the groundworks staff or 'gangs', to the general foreman, through to contract and project mangers to company directors.

It starts with the projects summary, company's policy and management structure and responsibilities and goes on to cover the main Environmental Controls, such as;

  • Dust and Emissions
  • Noise Control
  • Waste Management / Materials
  • Chemicals (inc. Concrete, Cement and Bentonite).
  • Dewatering
  • Silt Control
  • Use and Storage of Materials and Chemicals
  • Water Management
  • Protection of Ecology
  • Protection of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Invasive Alien Species & Noxious Plants
  • Working in or near Watercourses / Flood Protection
  • Environmental Management and Training
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Environmental Plan Approval and Review
  • Method Statements: Generic & specific (i.e. Land & Water Crossings, trenches, pumping, incorporates environmental aspects into engineering Method Statements)
  • Emergency Spillage Procedure and Chart
  • Investigation/Incident Procedure
  • PPG guidance notes
  • Environmental Toolbox Talks
Feedback from companies has shown that this controlled document has been invaluable for them in showing the statutory consultees, stakeholders and their clients its commitment to protecting the environment and ensuring environmental compliance without incurring fines or potential enforcement notices.

It saves on time and repetition on large multi-million pound projects as the relevant sections are used throughout the projects life by all directorates and staff members to show all 3rd parties how the company intends to conduct itself in respect to environmental and ecological safeguards for the project.

This is particularly important if the clients' 'gangs' are working at or near sensitive sites such as SSSI' and AONB as attributed to National Parks and Reserves.

The company ECP can be used and integrated alongside existing company procedures, policies and management systems and documentation and helps not only the Environmental Advisor or Environmental Clerk of Works whilst conducting Environmental Site Inspections, but all the company's staff for all its works.

[ Environmental Control Plans - Download Brochure ] (52KB PDF Download)

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