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Habitat Management, Creation and Restoration

Habitat Creation

Working with clients, ADK identify the best possible options, from an environmental and ecological view point, when scoping habitat creation for any particular site. Our advice and options take into account the topography of the proposed area, the surrounding environment, the resources available, and the aims of the client for undertaking the project in the first place. ADK can then programme manage the process, provide environmental clerk of works and supply suitable contractors to carry out the project. Should any permissions, licenses or consents be necessary ADK can apply for these on behalf of the client.

Habitat Management and Enhancement

ADK staff work with land managers and owners to identify both current and potential key environmental and ecological features of a given area. We then assist in programmes designed to maintain, enhance and develop the identified features. Where appropriate, we are happy to programme manage these events and supply suitable specialist contractors from our approved suppliers list to carry out the work, should these be necessary.

Habitat Restoration

Site survey is undertaken to identify and assess the key ecological and environmental features of the area being reviewed for restoration. Before the restoration programme takes place, we will ensure that, in restoring, features of similar or more significant ecological or environmental value are not being damaged or destroyed. Clear objectives are developed and an agreed programme is then provided, indicating the work to be carried out, when and at what cost. Should permissions be required our staff will apply for these on behalf of the client provide provision of Environmental Clerk of Works to ensure environmental best practice and compliance before, during and after any works.

[ Habitat Management, Creation & Restoration - Download Brochure ] (545KB PDF Download)

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