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Health & Safety

ADK Health & Safety aims to assist clients with their development or construction projects and implementation of policies and procedures by enhancing existing health and safety and environmental management systems and ensuring legal compliance.

We are able to carry out an analysis of your current compliance status with the recognised health and safety management system and prepare an action plan to work with you in the development and implementation of any necessary improvements to meet the stringent requirements of the standard.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment has been a legal requirement for over a decade and yet there are still many companies who are having difficulty in carrying out suitable and sufficient risk assessments in order to be legally compliant and protect their employees. We can assist you with hazard analysis and risk assessment and also train your employees to carry out risk assessments.

Accident Investigation

Every year millions of pounds are lost to UK businesses through accidents and occupational ill health at work. Employers and their insurance companies are facing hefty compensation claims for accidents that they are unable to defend. One way of helping to reduce this burden is to carry out thorough investigations into accidents and cases of occupational ill health in order to define the root cause and put in place corrective and preventive action. We can assist you with your accident investigations and also train your managers and supervisors to carry out effective investigations.

Health, Safety and Environmental Audits

Like any other business management system, health and safety and environmental management systems require ongoing evaluation of effectiveness. This can be achieved through planned auditing of the system (a requirement of OHSAS18001). Our network of associates have extensive auditing skills and can provide a thorough audit of your health and safety management system.

Fire Risk Assessment

As with risk assessment, the requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment has been a legal obligation for a number of years. Every year businesses are destroyed or seriously affected by fire.

Occupational Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is not only a legal requirement under certain health and safety legislation (e.g. Lead at Work Regulations, Asbestos at Work Regulations, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations) but it also makes good business sense. Screening out potential future claimants will help reduce the burden on your insurance premium whilst ongoing health surveillance can be valuable in spotting the early signs of any occupational disease or condition.

ADK has access to an independent health and safety experts who will be able to assist you in these areas and provide a detailed statement on findings.

The findings will normally be made available to the client within 24 hours.

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