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Memberships and Associations

ADK Environmental Management Limited and it's staff are associated with the institutions below.

Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) is a not-for-profit organisation established to promote best practice standards in environmental management, auditing and assessment. Its origins lie in the merger in 1999 of the Institute of Environmental Management, the Institute of Environmental Assessment, and the Environmental Auditors Registration Association.

With over 11,000 individual and corporate members, the IEMA is now a leading international membership-based organisation dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development, and to the professional development of individuals involved in the environmental profession, whether they be in the public, private or non-governmental sectors.

With over 10,500 individual members in the UK and around the world, the IEMA is the leading UK-based membership organisation dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development and the creation of an internationally recognised profession for environmental practitioners.

Individual members include environmental managers, auditors, regulators, and impact assessors who work in companies, the consultancy profession, education and training establishments, national and local governments, and environmental enforcement authorities.

Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (IEEM)

IEEM is the professional body that represents and supports professionals in the fields of ecology and environmental management. We provide a variety of services to develop the competency and standards of professional ecologists and environmental managers and also promote ecology and environmental management as a profession. The Objectives of IEEM are;

  1. To advance the science and practice of ecology and environmental management for the public benefit in the United Kingdom and Internationally,
  2. To further the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity and maintenance of ecological processes and life support systems essential to a fully functional biosphere,
  3. To further environmentally sustainable management and development,
  4. To promote and encourage education, training, study and research in the science and practice of ecology, environmental management and sustainable development,
  5. To establish, uphold and advance the standards of education, qualification, competence and conduct of those who practise ecology and environmental management as a profession and for the benefit of the public.

Chartered Institute of Water & Environmental Management (CIWEM)

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is the leading professional and examining body for scientists, engineers, other environmental professionals, students and those committed to the sustainable management and development of water and the environment.

The aims and objectives are enshrined in our Royal Charter and are as follows:

(a) To advance the science and practice of water and environmental management for the public benefit.
(b) To promote education, training, study and research in the said science and practice for the public benefit and to publish the useful results of such research.
(c) To establish and maintain for the public benefit appropriate standards of competence and conduct on the part of members of the Institution.

Water and Environmental Management means the application of engineering, scientific or management knowledge and expertise to the provision of works and services designed to further the beneficial management, conservation and improvement of the environment, in particular in relation to:

(a) environmental management systems;
(b) resource protection, development, use and conservation;
(c) integrated pollution control;
(d) public health, water and sanitation services;
(e) flood defence and land drainage; and associated recreation, amenity and conservation activities


BASIS® is an independent organisation set up at the suggestion of the UK Government in 1978 to establish and assess standards in the pesticide industry relating to storage, transport and competence of staff.

To be a member of the Register demonstrates that each person is technically qualified in line with Government legislation and that they are updated on an annual basis. To remain on the Register, individuals need to accrue annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

It aims to raise and maintain standards and good practice for contractors operating in the amenity and industries sectors of the pesticide industry.

Under the Regulations, the statutory Code of Practice for Sale and Supply recommends that all companies have an independent annual assessment and names BASIS as an independent inspectorate.

BASIS standards have now been adopted by other key organisations such as ADAS, AICC, CPA, County Councils, the Environmental Agencies (EA, SEPA, EHS NI).

BASIS registration demonstrates an industry which:

  • seriously adopts higher ,hereby ensuring that the requirements of current legislation are met;
  • invests its own money in maintaining a self-regulatory body to help it keep abreast of standards;
  • takes very seriously all the implications of environmental issues by voluntarily offering its businesses to annual audits.

Institute of Biology (IOB)

The Institute of Biology is the professional body for UK biologists. It was founded in 1950, obtained a Royal Charter in 1979, and is a registered charity. Its 14,000 members work in industry, research, education and healthcare, amongst other areas.

The Institute entitles Fellows, Members and Graduates to use the designatory letters FIBiol MIBiol and AMIBiol, respectively. Members and Fellows are awarded Chartered Biologist (CBiol) status, the professional qualification for bioscientists, recognised throughout Europe as a hallmark of excellence. It demonstrates a high level of attainment in biological experience, personal integrity, professional attributes and academic qualifications.

Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body that is dedicated to management and leadership. CMI are committed to raising the performance of business by championing management. CMI do this through supporting and advising individuals and organisations, or through engaging policy makers and key influencers in government and the management profession.

CMI help you tackle the management challenges we face on a daily basis by raising the standard of management in the UK. CMI are here to help individuals at ADK, to become better managers and companies, and to develop better managers.

Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is dedicated to advancing the capability of managers and leaders worldwide through the provision of expert qualifications, comprehensive membership services and learning resources. By improving the management knowledge, confidence and ability of individuals, ILM can contribute to enhanced business performance.

ILM is the global market leader in the development, administration and assessment of leadership and management qualifications. Since its inception in 2001, close to half a million managers have enhanced their careers through an ILM qualification.

ILM works in partnership with over 2,000 employers and training providers, operating in 34 countries, to deliver qualifications to a global audience. As part of the City & Guilds Group (which registers 1.8 million learners annually), ILM has earned a global reputation for excellence, and is trusted by individuals and organisations to take their learning and development to a new level.

ILM is a professional body with a rapidly growing membership of 20,000 successful and ambitious management professionals. Through ILM membership, leaders and managers receive specialist support, training, news and advice tailored to meet their individual needs.

ILM is a not-for-profit organisation with the freedom and innovation to continually develop its qualifications and membership services to meet changing demands in the workplace. With its strong voice in the political, business and education arenas, ILM works to raise awareness of key leadership and management issues through its programme of independent research.

City & Guilds

City & Guilds Licentiateship (LCGI), Graduateship (GCGI), and Membership (MCGI), recognise personal achievement and the application of professional knowledge in the workplace, allowing progression to the very highest levels of achievement.

The Graduateship award is at a middle management level and is mapped to a British Honours degree and is level 6 on the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Institute of Directors (IOD)

As a worldwide association of members, the Institute of Directors (IoD) provides a professional network that reaches into every corner of the business community. Our membership spans the whole spectrum of international business leadership, from the largest public companies to the smallest private firms.

Membership of the IoD is individual - each member joins the IoD in his or her capacity as a director. Members receive a variety of benefits including information, advice, training, conferences and publications to help them maximise their potential. They also have an influential organisation on their side - representing their concerns to government - and at their side - providing professional business support, wherever it is needed.

The IoD is ADK's representative in business. The key points that make up IoD philosophy are:

  1. Helping business develop our ideas in a manageable way
    As a director, you’re likely to be entrepreneurial, but your good ideas need to sit within a framework of plans and controls as well as market knowledge.
  2. Representing our point of view
    As an independent association of individual company directors, our objective is to make sure your views are taken into account when the government is reviewing policy; legislating or simply seeking views of the wider business community.
  3. Promoting professionalism in the boardroom
    Directors realise that high standards of excellence and professionalism in the boardroom are essential for business success. The IoD has been supporting directors in their professional development for many years.

CITB Construction Skills (CSCS)

A Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card is the easy way to prove that you are competent in your occupation and have health and safety awareness. And as it is the size of a credit card with your photo and unique reference number on it is easy to slip into your wallet to use as instant identification when you arrive on site.

CSCS has been in existence for over 10 years. It was started to help the construction industry get quality up, and accidents down.

CSCS is fast becoming the industry standard. It is supported by organisations such as the Major Contractors Group (MCG), National Contractors Federation (NCF), Major Home Builders Group (MHBG) and Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) all of whom are committed to a fully qualified workforce by the end of 2010.

Now major clients are also requesting that their contractors have a CSCS carded workforce. These include government, housing associations, NHS projects and private clients such as BAA.

At 31 October 2005 CSCS had 809,136 cardholders or affiliated cardholders, in 230 occupations. These figures are growing all the time. A CSCS card lists the holder's qualifications and is valid for either three of five years.

CSCS exists to meet industry needs and is managed by CSCS Limited whose board members come from the construction industry.

They are; Construction Confederation, Federation of Master Builders, GMB Union, National Specialist Contractors Council, Transport & General Workers Union (Building Crafts Section), Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians, CITB-ConstructionSkills, Construction Industry Council and the Construction Clients Group.

United Kingdom Environmental Law Association (UKELA)

The UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) is the UK forum which aims to make the law work for a better environment and to improve understanding and awareness of environmental law. Its members are involved in the practice, study or formulation of Environmental Law in the UK and the European Union. It attracts both lawyers and non lawyers and has a broad membership. For further information upon environmental law and upon wild law can be found by following the links on the left hand side.

It is well respected as a source of comment by Government (Westminster, the Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales). It has given advice on many occasions regarding the development of Environmental Law on issues including water quality, biodiversity, contaminated land, waste management and emissions trading.

It also provides a network for those interested in environmental law to enable them to develop their professional skills and standing and organises some major events to stimulate debate and provide a focus on topical issues.

Among UKELA's aims are:

  1. To encourage the development of environmental law for a better environment and promote the effective implementation of it
  2. To promote and provide access to information on environmental law to a wide audience
  3. To promote discussion and networking opportunities amongst those interested in environmental law
  4. To build and strengthen the organisation so it can deliver its other aims consistent with the overall objectives for UKELA

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