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Pest Problems

Pest infestations can have a serious effect on homes and businesses. ADK Environmental Management Ltd offer a comprehensive service to rid commercial and domestic property of the most common problem insects, birds and rodents using approved, environmentally sound and humane methods.

All eradication programmes are overseen by an Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment member and BASIS qualified and approved expert in pesticide application. Control methods include traditional pesticide based and alternative eradication options for pests such as ants, wasps, rats, problem birds and other unwelcome infestations. A comprehensive, client tailored wildlife management option is also available for problem foxes, moles and rabbits; which, where appropriate can involve non lethal relocation and/ or deterrence, causing minimal stress to the animals involved.

  • Rodents

    As we all know rodents are potent carriers of infections such as Salmonella and Weil's disease, a potentially deadly hazard both at home and in the workplace. They also cause damage to building infrastructure with their gnawing teeth and can contaminate food and work surfaces wherever they or their faeces and urine have been in contact.

    Additionally, in the workplace, failure to comply with legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and Food Safety Act (1990) is a serious offence and levies heavy fines.

    If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, some signs to be aware of are listed below:

    Rats: Sausage shaped droppings of 1-2 cm, characteristic damage caused to foodstuff containers by gnawing teeth, evidence of shredded nesting material (such as paper, cardboard, plastic or insulation).

    Mice: Thin droppings of approx. 5mm, similar damage to rat infestation.

  • Flies

    Flies are a nuisance and have the potential to spread disease and contaminate food, some species can also deliver painful and irritating bites. Any infestation will lower moral of staff and quality of home life, so fast effective eradication is paramount. Signs of a fly infestation include: obvious swarms of the living insect, dead flies, 'fly spots' (droppings) and maggots.

  • Ant & Cockroach Control

    Ant and cockroach infestations are a nuisance and can be detrimental both in homes and businesses. They can contaminate foodstuffs and surfaces and damage a business' reputation. The response needed for ants will depend on the species, which will require professional attention.

    Ant Danger Signs
    Live ants and pathways in and out of buildings
    Small heaps of earth or dirt indicating nest sites.

    Cockroach Danger Signs
    Droppings / smear marks
    Nocturnal activity of live animals
    Dead insects, egg cases, discarded cockroach skins

  • Wasp & Hornet Control

    Being stung by a common wasp or hornet is painful and can lead to sometimes fatal consequences in susceptible people. Wasps and Hornets can be a great disruption to your home and business, contaminating food and causing alarm in customers and family members.

    Signs to look out for
    Dead insects or live ones searching for food.
    Noise - constant buzzing or humming. A mature wasp colony can contain many thousands of individuals searching for food and protecting the nest.
    Nests - Wasp and Hornet nests are made from chewed wood pulp and saliva, giving them paper like walls often situated in lofts, wall cavities, out-buildings, store rooms and under eaves. Some species also use hollows in trees.

  • Bird Control

    Bird infestations and the associated faecal deposition can lead to the possibility of diseases such as Ornithosis and Salmonella. Acidic bird faeces also damages and defaces buildings and cars and insect infestations can be associated with nest material. Solutions range from non lethal deterrents to humane eradication by qualified practitioners.

  • Wildlife Management

    ADK Environmental Management Ltd offer humane solutions to other unwelcome visitors; such as rabbits, foxes and moles.

    For more details on our client tailored packages, call Andrew King 07838237077.

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