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Our vision at ADK Environmental Management Ltd. is to continue to increase our service provision by delighting our customers. This provides us with a focus and single mindedness that is shared throughout the Company.

We try to make it easy for customers to use our services. Our business depends on the expertise, knowledge and application of our lead assessors and it is therefore important to us that they remain at the forefront of current techniques and developments and apply best practice when carrying out surveys and assessments.

We understand that sometimes our customers have little detail of what they want the Company to supply. They could simply be responding to a request from a third party organisation (such as a Local Authority or Borough Council) to have a range of investigations carried out to support a planning application which must comply with local plans or strategies that are unknown to the applicant.

In this respect ADK Environmental Management Ltd. can help applicants by offering advice and suggestions in a way the customer understands. We can offer to act for them and liaise on their behalf with the planning authorities to ascertain exactly what investigation is being requested.

This can be both cost effective and time saving for our customers and assist ADK Environmental Management Ltd. in delivering a service to a known specification. By adopting this approach, we hope to not only delight our customers by meeting their needs, but by going the extra mile we hope to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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