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ADK Environmental Management Request a quote

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(Please fax to 01772 467094 or email to )

Company Name:

Contact Name & Details:
(please include address, postcode, contact telephone number and/or email address)

Do you know what type of survey(s) you require?      YES      NO
(Ecological, Bat, Barn Owl, Contaminated Land, Breeding Birds, Badger, Great Crest Newt, Water Vole, Botanical)

Other, please specify:      ______________________

Has full Planning Permission been granted?

Which Local Authority (Council) do you come under?

What is the site location? (include Address, Postcode, Grid Reference)

What size is the site? (m2, sq/m or acres/hectares)

What features are there on-site? (ditches, ponds, trees, buildings, hard standing areas, woods).

What type of land is it? (grassland, farmland, heath, scrubland, etc)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - see also 'Guidance Notes for enquiries'
(please put down as much extra detail as possible in this section. Please attach any drawings, maps, plans or other relevant correspondence. This will help ADK in formulating a competitive and timely project fee proposal)

[ Download / print a PDF version of this form ]   [ Download 'Guidance notes for potential enquiries' ]

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